Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Creation Day/Wattle Day/First Day of Spring

Happy Creation Day. Happy Wattle Day. Happy First Day of Spring (for those in Australia.)

I would have liked to write a longer post on this day. But unfortunately I have an essay due Monday and am very busy. However, I couldn't let the day past without writing something.

My sons and I celebrate the day by having a first day of spring picnic. Sometimes we need to move it to the next weekend and sometimes we have to have it indoors because the weather is too bad. But if everything goes well, it's a picnic on a rug in our backyard. We have ice-cream sodas and other picnic food. (The first day of spring is not a good diet day.) We place wattle in a jar in the middle of the rug. We play music that sings of nature or spring or creation. We read out prayers related to Creation.

It's one of my favourite days. In Australia, we miss out on the whole importance of the season to Easter. Easter is really a spring holiday. It speaks of new life and new beginnings. When you're celebrating it in autumn, you do miss out on a lot of that. And we don't have many opportunities for remembering or celebrating the season in Australia. That's why I decided a while back that our family would celebrate this day. It's not just a good excuse to have ice-creams sodas and picnic food. It draws the season to our attention. It reminds us of what is happening in the natural world. And I think we all need that from time to time.

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