Quotes on Creation


Owning fewer things has resulted in things no longer owning us -- Matthew Sleeth, Serve God, Save the Planet.

The earth was designed to sustain every generation's needs, not to be plundered in an attempt to meet one generation's wants -- Matthew Sleeth, Serve God, Save the Planet.

The "consumer lifestyle" demands an enormous amount of work, worry, strife, and struggle, while instilling a deep sense of longing and discontent -- Matthew Sleeth, Serve God, Save the Planet.

The problem today is not one of nature worship; … it is the worship of all things made by human beings. -- Matthew Sleeth, Serve God, Save the Planet.

For no part of Creation is left void of him: he has filled all things everywhere… -- Athanasius

The initial step for us all to come to knowledge of God is contemplation of nature. -- Iranaeus (120-202)

The world has been created for everyone's use, but you few rich are trying to keep it up for yourselves. For not merely the possession of the earth, but the very sky, the air, and the sea are claimed for the use of the rich few… The earth belongs to all, not just to the rich. -- Ambrose of Milan (340-97), De Nabuthe 3

The whole earth is a living icon of the face of God. -- John of Damascus (675-749), Treatise

God writes the gospel not in the bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and the stars. -- Martin Luther (1483-1546)

If we learn to love the earth, we will find labyrinths, gardens, fountains and precious jewels! A whole new world will open itself to us. We will discover what it means to be truly alive. -- Teresa of Avila (1515-82)

It would go a long way to caution and direct people in their use of the world that they would better studied and known in the creation of it. For how could man find the confidence to abuse it, while they should see the Great Creator stare them in the face, in all and every part thereof? -- William Penn (1644-1718), Fruits of Solitude

I believe in my heart that faith in Jesus Christ can and will lead us beyond an exclusive concern for the well-being of other human beings to the broader concern for the well-being of the birds in our backyards, the fish in our rivers, and every living creature on the face of the earth. -- John Wesley (1701-91)

Men will become poor because they will not have a love for trees… If you don't love trees, you don't love God. -- Nikephoros of Chios (1715-1821), A lack of trees brings poverty

All abuse and waste of God's creatures are spoil and robbery on the property of the Creator. -- Adam Clarke (1762-1832)

There are crowds who trample a flower into the dust without thinking once that they have one of the sweetest thoughts of God under their heel. -- J. G. Holland (1819-81), Gold-foil: hammered from popular proverbs

Man has been endowed with the reason, with the power to create, so that he can add to what's been given. But up to now, he hasn't been a creator, only a destroyer. Forests keep disappearing, rivers dry up, wild life's become extinct, the climates ruined, and the land grows poorer and uglier every day. -- Anton Chekhov (1816-1904), Uncle Vanya

I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in. -- George Washington Carver (ca. 1864-1943)

The harvested fields bathed in the autumn mist speak of God and his goodness far more vividly than any human lips. -- Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), Reverence for life

When you defile the pleasant streams and the wild birds' abiding place, you massacre a million dreams and cast your spittle in God's face. -- John Drinkwater (1882-1937)

A wrong attitude toward nature implies, somewhere, a wrong attitude toward God. -- T. S. Elliot (1888-1965), The idea of a Christian society

A society in which consumption has to be artificially stimulated in order to keep production going is a society founded on trash and waste, for such a society is a house built upon sand. -- Dorothy Sayers (1893-1957)

I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority. -- E. B. White (1899-1985), Essays of E. B. White

We need to find God, but we cannot find him in noise or in excitement. See how nature, the trees, the flowers, the grass, grow in deep silence. See how the stars, the moon, and the sun all move in silence. -- Mother Teresa (1910-97)

If I'm going to be in the right relationship with God, I should treat the things he has made in the same way he treats them. -- Francis Schaeffer (1912-84), Pollution and the death of man

To drive to extinction something He has created is wrong. He has a purpose for everything… We Christians have a responsibility to take the lead in caring for the earth. -- Billy Graham, Detroit Free Press

God intends… our care of Creation to reflect our love for the Creator. -- John R. W. Stott, The Care of Creation.

The maternal sea is polluted, the heavens are rent, the forests are being destroyed and the desert areas are increasing. We must protect Creation. Better yet, we must embellish it, render it spiritual, transfigure it. But nothing will be done unless there is a general conversion of men's minds and hearts. -- Patriarch Ignatius IV of Antioch (1921-), A theology of Creation

Once we repossess a sense of our own holiness, we will recover the sense of the holiness of the world… Only in this way will we once again become aware that our destiny and the destiny of nature are one and the same. -- Philip Sherrard (1922-95), Human image, world image

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature… I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles. -- Anne Frank (1929-45), Diary

We must work passionately and indefatigably to bridge the gulf between our scientific progress and our moral progress. One of the great problems of mankind is that we suffer from a poverty of the spirit which stands in glaring contrast to our scientific and technological abundance. The richer we have become materially, the poorer we have become morally and spiritually. -- Martin Luther King Jr (1929-68)

In a time of ecological emergency, the church can offer to the world a hope that is rooted in the power of God to bring new life into all that has been created. -- Wesley Granberg-Michaelson (1945-), Ecology and life

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